RONSTAN Tensile Architecture – Project Solutions

Extraordinary architectural design begins with advanced building techniques. Ronstan Tensile Architecture expand architectural potential far beyond the constraints of traditional building techniques with the use of modern engineering design and incredibly strong and lightweight structural members. We can help you create a wide array of stunning tensile structures including functional and aesthetic façades, discrete security and fall protection cable nets, urban catenary lighting luminaires and systems, balustrade cable railings, large fabric canopies, suspension bridges and cable trellis systems for vertical gardens. Each offering a uniquely modern appearance that is sure to be noticed.

Ronstan's Tensile Architecture Team is a full-service specialty contractor. From design, to construction and installation, we can facilitate all aspects of your project including material selection. We have extensive experience in these type of buildings and have been involved in numerous notable projects worldwide including sporting stadiums, government buildings, open amphitheatres, zoological enclosures and outdoor suspended lighting installations.

If you want to make a bold architectural statement, let our team of architects, engineers and project managers show you the extraordinary advantages of tensile design. As your design, supply and construction partner, we will help you bring your unfettered creative vision to the world.

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